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Vol. 2

Current price for any logo: $495

Logos can be purchased only once. You alone get exclusive rights to use it.

Buying a logo you get:

  • Production-ready asset files in vector AI, PDF, EPS, and raster PNG. Ready to be used in print, document, web, and video.
  • Exclusive rights to use the logo. No one else will be able to purchase or use the same logo. View Logo Pizza Logo License Agreement.
  • Variants: one-color treatments for light and dark backgrounds, custom colors, and/or alternate imagery.

Your project deserves a good logo

A logo isn't the most important part of your project, but it can be the most special. It's that extra something that you can't quite explain, but you know it when you see it. The logo stands in places where your project can't fit: in avatars, on t-shirts, before videos, next to titles. Not everything can be said in words. That's what logos are for.

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About Logo Pizza

Man, I love logos. A little piece of imagery that represents the ideal you want your project to be — that's design magic right there.

Last year, I jumped into the deep end by producing 50 logos and putting them up for sale. It was a big exercise in an effort to kick-start my career as a logo designer. Turns out people needed ’em. Now I'm back, one year wiser, with 30 new logos.

This is where you come in. I've got 50 logos. You've got a place for one. You've got something you're working on that could use a logo. You might not have been in the market for a custom design job. But now you have 50 options to choose from. 50 professionally designed, production ready, high quality logos. All you need is one.

— Dave DeSandro

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